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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Harish Shankar Floored With NTR Moves

NTR has impressed us all with his moves and he stands in the top positions as far as the race for the best dancer in Tollywood is on. His training in traditional dance forms very early in his childhood has only enhanced the natural abilities bestowed upon him. Now, the young tiger looks to be extending his fans list to celebrities and the latest is his own director Harish Shankar who is making his upcoming film 'Ramayya Vastavayya'.
The director tweeted few minutes back saying 'Oka song lo surprise ivvochchu... Oka roju ivvochchu. Every day tana moves tho surprise cheste emanali... Young tiger rocks...' He added that the song they have just shot with Samantha choreographed by Sekhar Master is awesome and everybody around were constantly seen clapping. 'The chemistry between Samantha and NTR was WOW... If someone is thinking I am talking over the top, I can understand coz they haven't seen the song...'

Hmmm... We can't wait to watch the song Director, send it as your next teaser.


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