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Thursday, 5 September 2013

NTR Fans Eagerly Waiting For Thoofan

  Nandamuri and Mega are considered as two opposite clans in the industry, generally when one of their films release fans of other clan want that film to not perform well, but now the scenario is completely different.
 Ram Charan’s Thoofan is releasing tomorrow, apart from mega fans, Nandamuri fans are also eagerly waiting for the film, they want to see film running successfully and wish that SA/TG agitators don’t stop the film. Ntr starrer Ramaya Vastavaya is also in the queue for release.
Both these families are active in politics apart from films, if agitators don’t stop Thoofan then we can expect other biggies to arrive, so depending on Thoofan’s performance in the present scenario Ramaya will come


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